Kathryn Applegate


Aaron Sturgill

Kathryn Applegate and Aaron Sturgill

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Our Story

The universe may seem completely random, but sometimes destiny is hiding amongst the chaos, and if you’re open to it, it may just find you.

On a crisp February night in 2012, Kathryn and Aaron had no idea the other even existed as they each made their way to a Folk Soul Revival show at an Irish Pub in Richmond, KY. Unbeknownst to them, they had a mutual acquaintance who proceeded to introduce them, and the rest was history. Kathryn’s pursuit of her Ph.D. took them to Tuscaloosa, AL, where Roll Tide was the beginning and end of most sentences, and then onto Tacoma, WA, where the Cascades meet the Puget Sound. A little over a year after moving to the PNW, Aaron planned a surprise proposal at Thanksgiving, and Kathryn surprised everyone when she unwittingly revealed the ring! The impromptu moment could not have been a more fitting moment to the next chapter of their love story.
Lissabeth Anglin